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Definition of "team"?

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  • Definition of "team"?

    I'm a new VexIQ coach and am preparing for my first tournament. I'm sorry to be so lengthy but I'm starting to panic about next Saturday!! THANK YOU!!
    • Is a "team" 2 drivers, or is a "team" a school group?
    • How many robots can compete for one school?
    • Do I need to pay separately for each "team" of 2 drivers?
    • Do 2 students share one robot and trade off during competition?
    • Can robots be shared by other "team" members?
    • Looks like I have to limit the number of drivers, so some students will not compete?

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    I'm sure others will chime in with advice, too, but I'll get you started.

    1. A team is 2 or more kids who work together on one robot, the programming for it (optional), one engineering notebook (optional), and one STEM presentation (optional).
    2. Each team can have one robot, and a school can have as many competitive teams as they wish to register on Robot Events. Registration for the first team within a club/school is $150 this year for VEX IQ, and $100 for each additional team.
    3. Each team needs to be registered for each tournament they wish to compete in.
    4. During a tournament, each team will drive in multiple Teamwork matches and multiple (optional) skills matches. Two drivers from each team compete per match, but each match can have different drivers. For example, if your team has 3 drivers (A, B, & C), AB could drive the first match, CB, the 2nd, and AC the third.
    5. Each team can only have one robot, and that robot can't be shared between teams at an event.

    I think I've answered them all, but feel free to ask again if you have more questions!


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      Minonsinger got it all!!