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Tele-Op Glitching

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  • Tele-Op Glitching

    Hi, our team's tele-op program occasionally stops working. It returns us to the tele-op screen on the robot brain, so neither the tele-op or the normal controls work until we bring it back to driver control mode. What could be causing this problem?

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    We also have the same problem. We are using RobotC.


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      There are few possibilities. One is that your program just finishes. That is what a typical auton program does, but teleop structure mostly runs inside an infinite loop, so that shouldn't be it.
      Other is that you explicitly exit your program - perhaps a misplaced break or something.
      But most likely, in my opinion, is that your program crashes somehow. Division by zero?
      Maybe you can post your sources?


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        This is the code our team is using:
        #pragma config(Sensor, port3, colorSensor, sensorNone)
        #pragma config(Sensor, port4, gyroSensor, sensorVexIQ_Gyro)
        #pragma config(Sensor, port8, lineTracker, sensorNone)
        #pragma config(Motor, motor1, leftMotor, tmotorVexIQ, openLoop, driveLeft, encoder)
        #pragma config(Motor, motor6, rightMotor, tmotorVexIQ, openLoop, reversed, driveRight, encoder)
        #pragma config(Motor, motor10, armMotor, tmotorVexIQ, PIDControl, encoder)
        #pragma config(Motor, motor11, clawMotor, tmotorVexIQ, PIDControl, encoder)
        //*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard !!*// task main()
        waitUntil (getJoystickValue(BtnFDown) == 1);
        repeatUntil (getTimer(T1, seconds) >= 60) {
        if (getJoystickValue(BtnFDown) == 1) {
        turnRight(563, degrees, 50);
        } else {
        if (getJoystickValue(BtnFUp)==1){
        turnLeft(284, degrees, 50);
        } else {
        tankControl(ChD, ChA, 10);
        armControl(armMotor, BtnLUp, BtnLDown, 100);
        armControl(clawMotor, BtnEUp, BtnEDown, 100);
        } // end of else
        } // end of if
        } // end of repeatUntil
        } // end of main


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          As nenik suggested, this program simply finishes. Looks like it's set to run for 60 seconds after FDown is pressed. After that time, the program ends.

          Is that what you want?


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            Oh, yeah. I'm not the person who wrote the code, so I just copied it here. I'll ask the guy who wrote it about that. Thanks!