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Wanted: Simple Color Sorter

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  • Wanted: Simple Color Sorter

    I'm in the process of gearing up for August Demo Month. It's were I go to the schools that don't have a VIQ program and do a show and tell. While I always have robots that can drive (like a Stretch or Ike) but this year I think I'd like a color sorter bot to show. While Stretch has sensors on it (like a button to keep it off of walls) the color sorter would be a good demo.

    I'm looking for a simple sorter bot that's in your collection to clone. I'll give you credit when I do the demo (And this robot is from IQbuilderGuy). Would prefer to sort rings in a bin vs marbles that can escape and roll around the teachers room. I'd rather build something that works vs me messing around for a few extra hours. (Call me lazy, but I'd rather stand on the shoulders of giants. )

    I can manage the code, since I want to do examples in Modkit and RobotC and I'm pretty fluent in them.

    Post here or mail me at Foster Dot Schucker at Stemrobotics dot org


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    Philo's takes some beating for simplicity.
    I wrote my own code for it but used the build.

    I've also done a Highrise cube sorter with the Armbot before too with success.

    Had my laptop stolen a couple of weeks ago and lost pretty much everything. I'm an idiot for not backing up!