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  • STEM Research Project and Engineering Notebook

    We are new to VEX IQ. Can you clarify the STEM Research Project and Engineering Notebook? Are either or both required for teams to participate? Are either/both required for teams to advance to the next round? When and how during the tournament are they assessed, and what percentage of the team's score are they worth? Thanks.

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    Thanks for the question.

    Both the STEM Research Project and Engineering Notebook are optional items in the VEX IQ program. They are available to teams that wish to participate in the full range of activities available to VEX IQ teams. New teams will sometimes wait to participate in all VEX IQ program activities until they have had a chance to develop their program.

    However teams should be aware that the Engineering Notebook is required for teams wishing to be considered for the Design Award. Furthermore both the Engineering Notebook and STEM Research Project are required to be consider for the Excellence Award in the VEX IQ program.

    The number of qualifying spots that move on to the next level is determined by the regional support manager in your area. In some cases teams winning the Excellence Award, Design Award and STEM Research Project Award may qualify to the next level.

    Teams wishing to be considered for Excellence, Design, or STEM Research Project at VEX Worlds must have won one of these awards at the STATE/Provincial/Regional/National level. Teams should review the VEX IQ Awards Appendix for full details on the qualifying criteria for these awards at VEX Worlds.

    The event partner will work with the judge advisor at an event to schedule judging activities for awards at an event. Notebooks are generally collected during team check in. STEM Project Presentations are typically scheduled by the event partner. Please address questions regarding scheduling at events to the event partner.

    Rankings in terms of qualifying matches do not include notebooks or STEM Project presentations. Questions regarding rankings should be addressed to the official VEX IQ forums.

    Tarek Shraibati