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  • Vex IQ Reset

    Does any one know about a factory reset for the VEX IQ?

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    Hi Rbotech,

    There are two ways to restore the factory settings on the VEX IQ Robot Brain.

    If you only want to reset any changes to the Driver Control program settings (and do not want to erase any downloaded programs), please turn on your Robot Brain. Then press the Check Button on the Home Screen to access the Driver Control program. Then use the Up and Down arrows to scroll down to select Reset To Default, then press the Check button to select this. This will revert all changes to the Driver Control program to factory default values.

    If you need to do a complete factory reset, you can reinstall the firmware onto the Robot Brain. This will erase all stored programs on the Robot Brain, and revert all changes back to default. To do this, please first ensure that you have the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility installed on your Windows or Mac OSX computer. Then turn on your Robot Brain, connect it to your computer with the USB Cable, and launch the Firmware Update Utility. To reinstall the current firmware, please go to the top menu bar and select Update > Reinstall Current Version > Robot Brain. This will reinstall the firmware to the Robot Brain; whenever any new firmware versions are installed, all settings are reverted to factory default values.

    - Art


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      Hola yo tengo este problema con mi cerebro me podria comentar que es lo que sucede.


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        How do I do this now that the Firmware Update Utility has been updated? I can't find an option to Reinstall the current version.


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          Hey Crispierry,

          All you need to do is boot the brain in "Update Mode" (or DFU mode). To do that, power down your brain and then power it back on while holding down both the up and down arrow buttons. This will force the brain into "Update Mode" and when you plug it into the PC with the VEXos Utility running it will recognize that it needs and update. Then just click the update button and you should be good to go.