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Modkit Link for Mac OSX fails on install

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  • Modkit Link for Mac OSX fails on install

    I'm a new parent to Vex and robotics and am trying to get the Modkit software installed on my MacBook to start interacting with the robot but it fails on the installation of Modkit Link.

    The software shows as installed in the Applications window even though the installation process complains as having failed. When I start Modkit though to start editing code I get constant nag alerts that Modkit Link isn't running and to please start it. Specifically trying to start Modkit Link also does not work (no icon showing on my tool back above.).

    I am running 10.13 (but also ran into this problem with 10.12). Any ideas?

    EDIT: I figured it would be useful to add that I am trying to install ModLink 2015_04_02


    Jeff H
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    I am having the exact same problem!


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      I'm having a very similar problem. I have downloaded and installed ModKit link, but the application does not launch when started from the finder. FWIW I am running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1


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        I am having this exact problem as well and my students are very keen on testing out their programs after putting in a few months of building time! Please assist!


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          I have the same problem. What I noticed is that Modlink stopped to work after an OS update.


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            Has anyone gotten any answers from Modkit? This is extremely disappointing.


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              I was able to get ModKit working with the same Vex device using a mac that hasn't been updated to High Sierra, which makes me think the OS version is the root cause.