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Freeze Tag with Bumpers, LED's, and Modkit

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  • Freeze Tag with Bumpers, LED's, and Modkit

    I have challenged my students to develop a freeze tag game using 3 bumpers, 2 LED's, and modkit to program it all. The two bumper switches mounted to the sides of the robot will disable the drivetrain and turn the LED's from green to red. I would like the third bumper on the back of the robot to be able to reactivate the drivetrain. This would be useful in 2 vs 2 competitions allowing a teammate to unfreeze their partner. So far I've been able to get the LED's to work and the side bumpers to disable the drivetrain using the code below but I do not know how to break the forever loops using the third bumper and reactivate the drivetrain.

    Click image for larger version

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    Does the attached work? I have nothing to hand to test on.
    I love the way the IQ forum doesn't allow the upload of Modkit files :-)
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      Thank you so much. It works.


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        Cool, glad it worked.


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          Do you have any links to resources regarding the use of variables?


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            I'm not sure that there are many resources for Modkit but there should be loads for Scratch - same principle. I don't have any links though I'm afraid.


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              Thank you. I forgot that it was based on scratch.