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  • Gear Ratios High Hang Help

    Our team is unable to score a high hang consistently. Our high hang only works with a fully charged battery. Even with a fully charged battery that the hang is slow moving.
    We are using two motors with two sets of gears on each side of the axle Our two gear ratio is the smallest gear with the largest gear. The motor is attached to the smallest gear. I see a lot of teams with larger robots then ours lifting their robots with ease. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Little thing that's really important is the distance between the hook and the center of rotation of the yard. Perhaps that can be adjusted so you get better Lyft.


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      My kids like the 1 to 15 gear ratio with 2 motors for the arm. It's worked on most of the robots they've built so far this season. See 6:50 on this video. The new arm isn't done yet, but you can see the 1 to 25 that they abandoned.


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        You can try something like this. It's got the benefit of a good gear ratio and a shifting 'balance' point. Helps level out the robot, which get another inch on the hang height.


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          Thank you for your replies. The kids have modified the robot and are able to high hang.


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            How are you able to have 2 motors turn 1 axel?