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    Hello everyone, we would really appreciate your help. Our team really wants to use a CAD software for prototyping our Vex IQ designs, but SnapCAD and Vex Assembler are only for Microsoft, and we have a Mac! Does anyone know how to get this software for Mac, or if there is another software we should use? Thank you!

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    I have no direct experience of Mac, but SnapCAD is based on LDraw system, and there is a good LDraw editor on Mac: BrickSmith (project page is here but it seems down at the moment). The VEX IQ parts library is avalable here as a ZIP archive that should be no problem to download and uncompress on a Mac. You will have to instruct Bricksmith to use the VEX library instead of regular LDraw one. This should be easy, but here you're on your own...

    Edit: Bricksmith project page is on line again, you should download Bricksmith 3 application only...
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