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    I installed the Vex Assembler to my Windows 7 PC. To my dismay, the editor is so lacking of important functions to manipulate the parts. Like for e.g. the parts cannot be move or slide. Just like the finger of the spider as seen at this video

    In the video, the instructor point the mouse on the finger, and the finger slides or move without detaching from the body. Maybe I don't know which command to use but I read all the commands available at Vex Assembler editor, but i can't find the command to slide or move the parts without detaching from the main body part.

    From my perspective, the editor isn't easy for users to use. How much more if students use it. I hope they should do more improvement on it.


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      Did you have a look at LDraw system (see this thread):
      I won't say that the system is perfect, but it has been used by many people with astounding results!


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        Thanks Philo