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  • Inspired by Valeria 93

    No, it wouldn't/ couldn't walk without falling over, but it was fun to build, and the articulation WORKED

    10 motors: shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. The legs used worm gears while the shoulders and elbows used a combination of gears, including 2 free-spinning gears, allowing me to double up the movement for the shoulder joint and transfer motion to the elbow via bevel gears with only one axle per side acting as the point of rotation for the entire arm.

    So, with all that going on and so much that was simply "right" with this build, the absolute first thing my students said???

    "Where's the head?"

    Fortunately, Bumblebee was handy and happy to stand in!

    Okay, so this build was really intended to show off how strong /sturdy worm gears are - the joints didn't wobble or move unless powered to do so. Best of all, holding was not needed. It's also something I've been thinking about trying since I saw Valeria93's attempt at a fully functioning biped. Still hoping she (or someone else) perfects this using Vex IQ.

    As always, hoping to inspire others to try new things. Thanks for looking!


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    Wow! That is incredible, beautiful

    Where did you get the cable stays? I can't find how to buy them?


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      The cable stays were included with the ambush striker. However, I often use a few .5 standoffs and a 1x2 beam - works just as well.


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        So cool! Top work.
        Getting a bi-ped to walk is such an involved task. Look at the way that NAO walks to get some inspiration. The knees are very bent and the feet are actually only movable in tilt left/right, not forwards and backwards. For fun I tried to write my own walk function for NAO rather than use the one generated by the manufacturers. I failed.
        The vid below shows where the degrees of freedom are.
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          Originally posted by calvc01 View Post
          The knees are very bent and the feet are actually only movable in tilt left/right, not forwards and backwards.
          Thanks for the great vid link! I watched this several times.

          Sadly, I don't have access to a NAO to play with - yes, I'm jealous - but I believe that the ankles must move laterally - left to right, AND rotate in a forward / backward direction. Without the rotation, the toes would end up pointing down when the bot kneels.

          I CAN think of ways to achieve that, but also adding in the same movements at the hips gets me up to 5 motors per leg. I fear the size and weight might make that untenable.

          Of course, I could make the feet able to freely swivel in the forward / backward direction and let gravity and contact with the floor keep them mostly level. That would drop the motor count to four. I did this with the AT-AT design, and it worked okay for a quadruped... not sure a biped would be stable enough, though. Also, I fear its center of gravity would be even worse than my original design - yikes!

          It might help if I moved the ankle motors into the feet and shifted all the other motors down. (Basically. I could just invert each drive motor and gear.). Probably won't work either without smaller motors, but it does get me thinking!

          I welcome more comments and ideas, and I really hope others will post more biped attempts to the showcase.

          Thanks for the thought-provoking reply!


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            Actually, you are right, the do tilt forwards and backwards. I am not sure why I thought they didn't! This video shows it well from 1:45.
            Still, I believe a good walk is possible without - I think the Bolide humanoid from XYZ is an example of this.