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Universal tool to help with autonomous programming.

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  • Universal tool to help with autonomous programming.

    We are working on the autonomous program right now, and it's tough. You make your best guess on distances and angles, edit the code, upload the code, and run the code. Then you get to start all over and try and fix the problems, and hope you don't wear out the connector/plug on the brain.

    What if you could design and run it all at once, and even mess up and keep going? Now you can.

    We just used this new method and got the autonomous run almost perfect on the very first run.

    We encourage you to share this. We are not trying to keep this a secret. Our hope is that this helps every single team.

    Video1 (example code and explanation)

    Video2 (robot running example code)

    Sorry for the handheld video. Best we could do right now.
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    Nice! It's definitely a good way of younger kids learning how to sequence instructions and to understand the data.
    I've always encouraged teams to use the Device Info screen to help them plan their autonomous programs so they can see exactly what data that motor or sensor is returning and help them understand how to build it into the code. This especially helps when using ROBOTC as it doesn't convert the distances for you like Modkit does.
    Whichever method you use, the main goal is to get the kids to understand what data each device returns and how to use it. The gyro is a good example of this and kids sometimes don't suss it our - it's easy to assume that the value should increase clockwise and decrease anticlockwise since that is the way that numbers on a clock work, but following right-hand rule, the positive direction is anticlockwise on the gyro.


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      I had a couple of teams try it last night and they liked it. It helps them to pay close attention to the position of their robot with respect to the rest of the field as they are building the program.