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WC 2016 Team Blast Email #12

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  • WC 2016 Team Blast Email #12

    VEX Worlds Planning!
    Congratulations on qualifying for VEX Worlds 2016! This is the time
    to begin planning your trip to Louisville, Kentucky, April 20-23,
    2016, to join 1,000 of the best robotics teams from around the world
    for the largest event of the year under one roof for one epic
    celebration! This newsletter contains some important information you
    won't want to miss.

    VEX Worlds Team Information Needed & Inspection Reminder!
    All teams attending VEX Worlds 2016 are required to complete their VEX Worlds
    online profile to be considered for many awards during the event.
    This information is used by event staff and Judges, to provide a
    better event experience for you and your team. These profiles should
    be completed no later than Friday, April 15, 2016.

    Log in to your account on - , and click on "My
    Account" in the upper-right-hand corner. You will now see your
    account dashboard. Scroll down to see a list of Registered Events.

    In the right-hand column, click on the link that reads "TEAM INFO
    NEEDED" next to your VEX Worlds registration. Fill out the answers
    and you are done.

    If you have more than one registered team, you will have to repeat
    this for each team.

    Finally, teams are encouraged to review the VEX IQ Challenge
    Inspection Check List - or the VEX Robotics Competition Inspection Check List - prior to VEX Worlds. There will be more information about the
    inspection process next week.

    VEX IQ Challenge Pit Decorating Contest
    Share your team spirit and culture by decorating your VEX Worlds pit
    space. Get creative and choose items that are easy to pack. It's a
    great way to celebrate your team's participation in VEX Worlds 2016!
    Each team will be provided with a pit space of at least 10′ ×
    10′, which will include a 6-foot table, 2 chairs, electricity, and
    a team sign. Your pit space will also include an 8-foot tall drape
    behind it and a 3-foot tall drape along the side. Prizes will be
    awarded to three elementary school and three middle school teams, who
    have demonstrated great spirit and creativity in decorating their
    Worlds pit space. Enjoy making your pit space as special as your

    Travel & Hotel Information
    VEX Worlds 2016 promises to be an exceptional event, marking our
    second year at the Kentucky Expo Center, which offers a much larger
    space with two arenas and plenty of exciting attractions and
    activities. As you begin to plan your trip to Louisville, be sure to
    visit the hotel booking site - for a great selection of accommodations at discounted rates! The VEX
    Worlds site - with details
    about Louisville and the surrounding area is another excellent
    resource with tips for visitors new to Louisville. In advance of VEX
    Worlds teams are invited to check out our new online apparel store - .
    Finally, the VEX Worlds pages have been updated with a new VEX Worlds
    Program Book - and Event Schedules - . New information will be added frequently, so please check back

    Volunteers Needed for VEX Worlds!
    The REC Foundation is looking for volunteers for VEX Worlds 2016 in
    April. That means we need YOUR help! If you are bringing additional
    parents, teachers, students, or anyone else, they can help make this
    event a success by becoming a Volunteer. It's a great way to be a
    "part of the action" while supporting their team that's competing.
    Volunteer opportunities include team check-in, inspection, queuing,
    refereeing, scorekeeping, field resetting, judging, and more. If
    you're interested in learning more, please visit:

    VEX Worlds Team Party!
    On Saturday night, April 23, following the conclusion of VEX Worlds,
    the REC Foundation will host a team party at Kentucky Kingdom. The
    event this year features a new menu, unlimited soda and several new
    rides opened exclusively for our event, including Storm Chaser (the
    L.A. Times has it in the running for top new coaster of 2016!), T3 (a
    suspended looping coaster with five inversions), Skycatcher (a 130
    foot tall swing ride), Cyclos (a rotating pendulum that loops 360
    degrees in the air) and FlutterFly. In addition, this season's new
    "movie you ride" is Angry Birds. Tickets will be available for
    purchase of $40 per person at VEX Worlds on Saturday, April 23, at
    registration between 9am - 3pm.

    The REC Foundation's Mission Statement
    The REC Foundation seeks to increase student interest and involvement
    in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by
    engaging students in hands-on, sustainable, and affordable
    curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the U.S. and
    internationally. For more information, visit - .

    Past E-Mails Available
    Archives of all email blasts from this season can always be found
    here - .

    Not Getting These E-mails?
    Many organizations automatically block group e-mails. You have two
    1) Request that your IT department "White List" emails from
    mail.vresp.comand/or white list e-mails from the following IP
    2) Make sure the alternate email address in your -- team account is different
    -- not a school address.