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Timing of a High Hang

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  • Timing of a High Hang

    I've looked through the official Q&A and have not seen this question posted; I also do not have the account clearance to post to the official Q&A. Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere.

    If a robot is performing a high hang at T=0, but unpowered at the end of the match the robot drifts back down before a referee can verify by sliding a hub underneath, does that still count as a high hang? We were thinking perhaps before the match, we could show the referees the robot is high-hang capable, but it will not hold without power.

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    easily solved through programming.. just put a motor hold command and you should be good... what programming language are you using?


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      Modkit. I guess we've been missing the "set Holding to ON" command all this time. Thanks for the tip!


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        Is there an official Referee decision on how long a robot has to hang? We had 1 at League that was up, drifted down, and then back up. The final "high hang" technically occured after the match was over.


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          It's where the robot is at t=0